I'm an HMI Engineer at Skyryse focused on building AR/VR simulations, cockpit interactions, aircraft UX, and the UI of pilot-assist systems.
I'm interested in building collaborative development tools in AR/VR that can complement creators- in how they learn, work, play, and connect. I aspire to advance the applications of emerging technologies serving inquisitive minds of all ages. I'm profoundly curious about the depth of AR/VR's potential towards fostering a more compassionate society. I practice visual designing, prototyping, and research on new storytelling directions in the immersive medium of virtual reality and augmented reality.
I completed my schooling in India and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Gujarat Technological University. I earned my Master's degree in Multimedia and Creative Technologies from the University of Southern California. Since my school days, I've been experimenting with multi-sensory storytelling via 3D mapping projection, and projected dance performance overlaying digital layers to physical reality. 
I'm fascinated by symmetrical designs, XR experiences, music, and mathematical patterns.

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