Company: Skyryse
Tools and framework: Unity3D, Figma, After Effects, Normcore, Pixyz, ARKit, Matlab
Role: HMI Prototyper, Developer for cockpit design/ UX/ Flight Tests
Team size: 8
Skyryse is a technology company that is revolutionizing the way we fly. Their fly-by-wire automated flight system allows for a novice pilot to control the aircraft with proficiency, on their best day. This significantly reduces pilot workload, which enables more people to enjoy the thrill of aviation safely.
Designing for humans to trust the machine with their life is a challenge, regardless of the platform or technology used is a challenge. Cockpit's by its own nature, are complicated. One of my major role was to developing compelling visualizations of the sensor data and telemetry for the purpose of situational awareness that offers flight- test pilots a clear understanding of autopilot system. That lead to an intuitive interface and control system which anyone can learn to fly in just thirty minutes. Yes! 30 minutes. 
I worked as a rapid prototyper on HMI development for production systems at Skyryse. Along with that, I developed multi-user VR pipeline, that enabled leadership, Industrial designers and mechanical engineers to study the ergonomics of the cockpit interiors in VR. It enabled rapid prototyping of cockpit design by a factor of 5. Conventional process included reviewing CAD drawings, minor change feedback, foam blocking, major change feedback, and back to CAD drawing. This usually takes 10-15 days. With multi-user VR, this process was reduced to 3 days - CAD drawing uploaded to VR, basic interactions were added, and stack holders join in the group to review life scale CAD. We can also use the VR simulator to train pilots on new procedures or emergency situations
I'm extremely lucky to work with some of the smartest people in a variety of fields. I've learned so much from working on interdisciplinary design problems involving collaboration with pilots, Guidance-Navigation-Control teammates, ID designers and designers. I feel privileged to be a part of a team that is constantly pushing boundaries and expanding my knowledge base.
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