Company: Skyryse
Tools and framework: Unity3D, Figma, After Effects, Normcore, Pixyz, ARKit, Matlab
Role: HMI Prototyper, Developer for cockpit design/ UX/ Flight Tests
Team size: 8
About Skyryse
Skyryse is pioneering a transformative era in aviation technology. Through their innovative fly-by-wire automated flight system, even inexperienced pilots can confidently navigate aircraft with unparalleled proficiency. This groundbreaking advancement significantly alleviates pilot workload, fostering a safer and more accessible aviation experience for enthusiasts and novices alike.
My Contribution
1. Supporting Flight Test Operations
Within the flight test operations, my focus centered on crafting comprehensive sensor visualizations and efficiently managing telemetry information. This involved developing systems that provided clear, actionable insights, empowering test pilots with a deep understanding of the autopilot system's nuances.
2. Rapid Prototyping
My role extended to spearheading rapid prototyping initiatives, and facilitating swift iterations and concept validation for various projects within the organization. This allowed for agile development and quick adaptation to evolving requirements.
3. HMI Product Development
In the realm of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) product development, my responsibilities encompassed a spectrum of critical aspects:
- Fundamental Flight Controls Development: Creating intuitive and precise controls essential for seamless aircraft maneuvering.
- HMI for Emergency Scenarios: Designing interfaces that seamlessly engage with pilots during various flight missions including emergencies, ensuring efficient and controlled responses in high-stress situations.
- Automation Control Systems: Developing interfaces that effectively communicated with and managed automated systems, enhancing overall flight safety and performance.
- Reimagining In-Flight User Experience: Revolutionizing the in-flight experience utilizing touch display interfaces, fostering trust in the system among pilots through user-centric design and functionality.
4. VR and Simulator Development
Additionally, I led the development of VR and simulator technologies that went beyond design evaluation. These platforms served as invaluable tools for immersive pilot training, product development, and simulating diverse scenarios to familiarize pilots with new procedures and emergency protocols in a controlled, virtual environment.
Collaborative Learning at Skyryse
At Skyryse, I've engaged in dynamic collaborations across diverse teams— from FlightTest, GNC, and Industrial Design to Certification, System Integration, and Testing. These interactions have fueled my continuous learning, fostering an environment where interdisciplinary problem-solving thrives. The culture of innovation and boundary-pushing at Skyryse has continually expanded my knowledge base, enriching my experience in pioneering aviation technology.
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