Client: Student Technical Awareness Conference (STAC 2016)
Tools and framework: Adobe Editing Suit, Projectors, Resolume Arena, Shaders
Role: Director, Visual Effects Artist, Project Manager
Team size: 14
IEEE GCET student branch of the year 2016 shares a unique bond among themselves. The student branch was diverse and multi-disciplinary where the skills of students range from computer coding to stage designing. I kindled an idea of an immersive dance performance involving dynamic stage design with projection mapping on dance performance. 

I leveraged my skills learnt at IEEE GCET student branch as a designer to direct the whole performance along with my friend Karn Avasthi who choreographed the dance. It has been my vision since I first worked on 3d mapping projection to work on a project involving projection mapping on dynamic performance art. 

The design process started with normal cube animation and then choreographing performance steps. The synergy between the team allowed to co-ordinate the whole performance between visuals, audio and dance. The team explored all the new storytelling techniques enabled by the medium like dynamic light guidance, real-time supporting visualizations, immersive effects and dynamic ambience creation. 

The whole act was performed at 20th annual day celebration of G H Patel college of engineering and technology. 

Chaitanya Shah (centre) exploring possible dance choreography with simple cube animation along with Karn Avasthi (left) and Parth Shah (right)

First draft of a scene testing dynamic color theory and light guidance

Team exploring interactions and storytelling in projection

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