Client: Mozilla, Emblematic group
Tools and framework: A-frame, ThreeJS, VR
Role: Prototyper
Team size: 2​​​​
MOTHER NATURE is a traveling installation that invites everyone to share their experiences as/about women who are engineers, leaders, technologists and creators to rebuke claims that women are under-represented in tech leadership and engineering roles due to ‘clear biological causes.’
The project is a clear demonstration of how storytellers can use web-VR to build experiences that has impact on mind and heart. 
The project also served as a breakthrough prototype for a bigger idea of a platform to build volumetric stories on the web.  Democratizing the process of building volumetric stories using webVR will solve the problems that current virtual reality industry is facing - which is effortless content creation and  effortless distribution. 
Most journalism organization do not have resources, understanding and capabilities to build virtual reality experiences. distributing those is another thing to consider. The collaboration between emblematic Group and mozilla allowed to prototype to bring this vision to life such that it is easier, faster and in an affordable manner. 
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